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Stressed? Try These Three Fixes

In our fast-paced world, stress is a fact of life. But too much stress hinders your ability to think clearly and communicate effectively. Here are three ways to improve your relationship with stress.

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How to Say “No”

Saying no can be hard. How will it affect my relationships? My career? My reputation? With these tips you can say no when you need to with confidence and grace.

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The Clothes Make the Man

… or do they? Clothing sends a strong nonverbal message to others and to our own brains. Yet power, worth, and credibility come from something far deeper and stronger.

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Feeling Burned Out?

Sometimes burnout is the result of a toxic work environment or bad boss. Sometimes employees do it to themselves. Here are some ways to proactively stave off burnout.

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Fast, Not Furious

Sometimes people equate staying calm with being slow. Yet there are times when you need to be quick and decisive. Can you increase your pace without conveying stress? Yes! Here’s how.

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From Body Image to Body Language

You use your body — the whole thing! — to communicate. How you think and feel about your body affects how you present yourself and relate to others. Here are two ways body image especially impacts women’s communication.

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How to Change Anything

Do you want to change the world? Or your office culture? Or your relationship with your boss? Or anything at all in your life? Then you must change this ONE thing.

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I Am Amazing. And Broken. Just Like You.

Every January, a brand new year begins, full of promise. Every square on the calendar is empty, waiting for us to fill it with life well-lived. Several of my friends have had new babies in the first few days of January, over…

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Claim Your Space

“How tall are you?” I asked my client, at our first meeting. He was sitting all scrunched up in the corner of his armchair, as if to make himself as small as possible. He was tall, but awkward, as if he didn’t quite know what to do with his long…

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